Every so often, an Etsy shop needs a restoration or an awakening in the care it receives. Often, shops weren’t setup correctly from the beginning or elements have grown stale and less effective in converting views into sales.


Since 2007, Jason Malinak CPA of Etsy-preneurship continues to help Etsy shops thrive. Timothy Adam teaches artists how to successfully sell their handmade goods online through Handmadeology. Both are published Etsy authors (Jason & Tim’s books), help thousands of Etsy sellers, and know how to improve Etsy shops & increase their sales.

Lesson 1. The Perfect Etsy Shop

Jason and Tim show you examples and characteristics of perfect Etsy shops and explore examples of how common Etsy shops experienced a revival and are now top sellers.

Lesson 2. Finding Your Shop Name Ideal or Living with Imperfection

Learn the 16 elements to the perfect shop name, 8 common shop name failures, and tips for changing your shop name or making the best of your current shop name.

Lesson 3. Designing the Flawless Banner

Discover the importance of proper banner coordination, common banner styles, DIY & outsourcing banner tips, font secrets, and 4 effective yet unconventional banner techniques.

Lesson 4. Building a Foolproof & View-creating Public Profile

Build a profile page that actually drives traffic to your Etsy shop with these profile tweaks.

Lesson 5. Shh! The Secret About Page Hack That Nobody’s Using

We’ll show you a way to engage your customers in a creative way that will entertain your customers, build trust with them, and convert to more sales.

Lesson 6. Composing the Optimal About Page

Explore effective story-telling techniques while using your pictures, write headlines that do their real job, and learn copywriting pointers that benefit customers.

Lesson 7. Dissecting the Top 10 Handmade Etsy Seller’s Proven Policies (660,000+ Sales)

Discover proven shop policies that have governed 660,000+ sales from the 10 top selling Etsy shops as you implement some of their best practices and our tips in your own shop’s policies.

Lesson 8. Five Secrets for Perfect Shop Announcements

Most Etsy sellers have no idea how important it is to create a perfect shop announcement and this lesson reveals all our secrets.

Lesson 9. Establishing Search Engine Optimization Using Shop Titles & Sections

Grasp how a few small tweaks to your shop’s subtitle and sections can improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Lesson 10. Using the Sure-fire Product Title & Tags Formula

Gain an understanding of how you can follow some formulas and strategies to write titles and tags that Etsy and Google’s search algorithm respect.

Lesson 11. Following a Simple Product Description Structure That Makes More Sales

Create your own product description formula from our menu of content items in the correct order to help your customers and improve your product’s search results.

Lesson 12. Practicing a Profitable Product Picture Strategy That is Typically Ignored

Improve your photography skills from the most complete list of resources we have gathered and recommended through our years of experience, look at 2 effective photographic styles, and create your shop’s specific product 5-picture funnel strategy.

Lesson 13. Moneymaking Pricing Theory (No Math – Just Gaining a Psychological # Advantage)

Everyone knows you need a basic pricing formula to sell for a profit, but Jason will reveal some pricing techniques that can actually encourage customers to “buy now” and what makes something “the right price” – don’t miss it!

Lesson 14. No-brainer Tips for Etsy Features That the Masses Obliviously Ignore

This lesson isn’t rocket science, but too many Etsy sellers sometimes forget about these tips that we have to include them here or you might be hurting yourself inadvertently.

BONUS. Jason and Tim’s No-holds-barred Critiques of 10 Etsy Shops (From Newbies to Pros and Everything In-between)

Hear us tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. You will be able to learn and apply our critiques of these shops to your own shop.

Angie Rabadan Lil Thing Bowtique

My favorite lesson is the one about the hack in About page. That was so important for me because I didn't even have an About page - everything in there was new for me and has been really useful for my shop. Since I put all the course info in to practice, my sales and views have gone for most of my items.

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Lisa Hammert Atomic Age Prints

I signed up for Etsy Shop Revival  before I opened my shop because I really had no idea the best way to go about listings and all. Well I'll say that it was the best $144 I ever spent. We did our soft open on 9-4-15. All of our products show up on the first three pages of each tag I listed--three on the big category groupings! Our Twitter followers are going up too. So a huge thank you to you Jason and Tim. The information was so valuable.

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The Etsy Shop Revival course is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to breathe new life into their Etsy shop. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of valuable information presented and Jason and Tim do an excellent job of explaining everything in a way that's easily understood. The course covers all of the major aspects of optimizing an Etsy shop including several that are so often overlooked. Overall, a great value for sellers serious about improving their sales on Etsy.

I particularly enjoyed the section on the About and Profile pages. After watching the videos, I realized how little I was optimizing those pages. I will definitely be implementing all of the tips offered and hopefully utilizing my About page and my Profile page to better convert traffic into actual sales!

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Kelly LaRoche Specifically Random
Timothy Adam CEO of Handmadeology

Are you new to Etsy or just getting started? Is your shop in its baby stage and starting small? Are the challenges of selling on Etsy keeping your new shop in a fog? We will help you build a perfect Etsy shop which will be the firm foundation you build and grow your business upon for the future.”

Amber Comrie Glass Poppies Jewelry

I consider myself a seasoned Etsyian, but even after almost 4 years on Etsy and over 4,000 sales I have learned a lot through this course. The information was very in depth, with lots of examples to help use on your own. Plus, I really enjoyed the 'homework' after each lesson.

​The lessons gave me the motivation to make big changes in my shop that I have wanted to make. I now have direction and a plan to apply these lessons to my shop and can't wait to implement them.

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Timothy Adam CEO of Handmadeology

Do you feel overwhelmed about knowing what to do to make your Etsy shop a success? Are your sales dropping, low, or non-existent? Do you ever consider giving up? We will help you turn your frustration into joys by guiding you through the confusion and challenges of selling on Etsy.

Handmadeology's Etsy Shop Revival videos are superb! The lessons are well organized and the timing couldn't be better. Like many Etsy sellers we really needed to update and revive our shop. Plus, there are some surprising little gems of information that I haven't found anywhere else!

Kristen Anderson Tenatura
Jason Malinak Owner of Etsy-Preneurship

Have you been at it for a while and your Etsy shop is in need of a boost? Do you do relatively well, but know there are things that can be improved? Is your shop stagnant with a need to bring it back to life? We will help you take your current Etsy shop and multiply its effectiveness in gaining more views and converting those into additional sales.


This course is unlike anything that is available for Etsy sellers. We are both proud of it and know it is worth every single penny of value to the serious Etsy seller that wants all of the facts in one place to make their shop the best it can be, is ready to work hard at reviving their Etsy shop, or just wants to do things right on Etsy from the beginning. You can always let us know if you’re not satisfied for any reason and we’ll make it right. There is no other course like this for Etsy seller and its content provide great value for every Etsy seller – from newbie to sales veteran!